above ground

Role: Creative Direction, Design


  • ​Brand Identity

  • Poster Campaign

  • Website Design


Above Ground Apparel is a streetwear brand rooted in faith. They embody freedom of expression and self exploration. We believe in chasing your highest dreams and living life to the fullest.

Being stuck inside often during the pandemic helped develop this idea. The idea that life is more than just watching mindless content and being a consumer but more about enjoying nature and being creative. When people say life to the fullest what does that mean? It definitely doesn't mean scrolling through instagram all day like a zombie. Many people live life like zombies, somewhat alive but dead on the inside.


The challenge was coming up with visuals that reflect the overall concept and brand messaging. In the design I explore duality and polarity. Matching these linear lines and geometric shapes with hand drawn elements or type. Using visuals of nature and digital/machine like aesthetics